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A destination wedding is an excellent option for most couples, as it brings together friends and family in a beautiful location for an experience as unique as their love story. However, it often comes with a lot more stress, specially if the destination wedding you are planning to have does not fit into the “standard package” offered by most resorts—or if you do not wish to have your destination wedding at a resort at all.

We understand that weddings are expected to be one of the most memorable day of a couple’s life, which is why we do our best to make sure everything is perfect and on time. Thus, do not hesitate to hand your wedding to our wedding planners and enjoy a completely stress-free wedding planning process. Our bespoke wedding services in Mallorca and Formentera enable couples to achieve their dream wedding within their budget. Besides, having experienced feet on the ground with local knowledge and connections is priceless. Hire our bespoke wedding services and make the most of your destination wedding.

Mallorca and Formentera have all that you need to celebrate your wedding abroad

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners

Need help with your wedding? The full-service wedding planning is the solution to all your problems.

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Full service planning

Our full-service wedding planning, also called full planning, is a comprehensive service which covers everything you may need for your destination wedding in Spain. We offer our wedding services in Mallorca and Formentera, as these are the most popular wedding destinations in the Balearic Islands.

Our wedding planners take care of absolutely everything, from venue hunting to legal paperwork. Our goal is to make your wedding unique, adapted to your needs and decorated with an eye for detail. Simply tell us your ideas, special requests and budget, and we will do the rest! In short, our full-service destination wedding planning is the service you are looking for if you want a wedding planner with you every step of the way, taking care of all your wedding details and logistics. Here you can find all the different services included in our full wedding planning:

Budget Analysis

Getting married in Mallorca on a budget is possible and, actually, much cheaper than getting married in other islands such as the Caribbean.
Hire our wedding services and seize the opportunity to have your dream wedding at an affordable price.

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners

Venue Hunting

The venue is one of the most important suppliers because it sets the tone for your entire wedding. For this reason, we help you look for the perfect wedding venue, accompanying you all the way through. Mallorca wedding venues and Formentera wedding venues are waiting for you!

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners

Catering Selection

Your wedding reception is what guests remember. It is the social part of the day, and your guests will be looking forward to the food, alcohol and dancing. This is why choosing the right wedding caterer is crucial. Due to our experience and professionalism, we will ensure we go the extra mile to find the best catering company for your wedding.

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners


A wedding is meant to be one of life’s most important and memorable events but without music it seems quite incomplete. In fact, weddings typically need music for different times of the day. For this reason, we will select the best live music and DJs for your big day. This decision will be influence by your wedding theme and your personal taste in music.

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners

Photos and Video

Wedding photos and video are your timeless reminders of the celebration. They will be keepsakes for years to come, serving as the record of laughs, tears, toasts, laughs, love and happiness surrounded by your loved ones.
As you can imagine, this is not something that can be left in the hands of amateurs, which is why we have created an exclusive list of the best photographers and videographers in Mallorca.

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners

Bridal & Groom Assistance

On such an important day, having a personal bridal assistant by your side is a must. We are able to help you find the perfect gown and accessories, choose the best hair and makeup stylists or dress you on your wedding day if you want us to!
We offer our services to the bride and groom. Our missions is to accompany them and make the day as stress free as possible. Hire our wedding services and enjoy a 5-star treatment.

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners

Design and Decoration

This is our favourite part! As wedding designers, we will create the visual concept for your wedding day. We will work in close collaboration with you to bring your vision to life for your big day.
Once we understand what you are looking for, we will put together a bespoke wedding plan based on your ideas, suggestions, favorite colors and theme. Your wedding will be like a piece of art!

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners

Guest travel management

There are no words to describe the feeling of having your loved ones close to you on your wedding day. However, guests may have a hard time when it comes to making their way to a destination wedding. For this reason, we will assist each one of your guests to ensure they have everything they need for an enjoyable and stress free trip. You can expect us to arrange accommodation, transport and leisure activities.

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners

Full organization

A tailor-made wedding service, no matter where you are in the wedding planning process. We will be by your side throughout the entire wedding day and coordinate all that we have previously organized.
You will not have to worry about a thing because we will guide you every step of the way.

full wedding services Formentera | Majorca wedding planners

Our wedding gift!

Some suppliers offer commissions in exchange for our recommendation. Not only do we NEVER recommend who gives us more, but those commissions will always be discounts for you. We prefer to charge for our work and not be commission agents. In this way, we can work freely on what we think is best for you. We were pioneers in 2017 with this decision, and we assure you that some decisions are rewarding!

We treat every wedding, large or small, as if it were our own. In fact, we even come up with fantastic ideas to personalise your wedding, and make sure it comes out perfectly. Take advantage of our experience and expertises for a stress-free and bespoke wedding planning service!

Hiring our wedding planning services adds an extra bonus to your very special day, as we will help you find all the suppliers that best suit you while taking into account every request you may have. Get in touch with Wonder Weddings and let us create your dream wedding.